The items below all cover a single period, unless otherwise stated. A single period is 5-days by default, though you can set your own period length when exploring the data.

  • No Outbreak: There have been no deaths.
  • Small Outbreak: There have been less than 10 deaths.
  • Losing: Deaths rose by 100% or more OR stayed above 1000.
  • Flattening the Curve: Deaths did not double, but did increase OR stay above 100.
  • Crushing the Curve: Deaths decreased by 50% or more OR to below 100.
  • Winning: New deaths decreased to below 10.
  • Won: We have had no new deaths for two periods in a row.

Covid-19 Pandemic Information

If you want expert information visit EndCoronavirus.org, which provides extensive information, policy advice and guidelines for the fight against Covid-19.

If you want my 2 cents on the pandemic, and what options we have in fighting it you can read my blog post: Stop Fighting The Lockdown. Summary: the pandemic is serious; we won't have an economy if we don't defeat it; herd immunity and waiting on a vaccine are not real strategies; masks, lockdowns, travel bans, and mass testing are.

Other useful resources: